COVID-19 Safety Measures

Enterprise Technology Solutions takes COVID-19 seriously and we are working diligently to prevent the spread of the disease. ETS technicians wear masks and latex gloves while working. Technicians are instructed to disinfect all surfaces before and after completing their work. All technicians are instructed in the safe handling of all surfaces, tools, equipment and anything else that they may come into contact with. Technicians are instructed to wipe down their phones before getting store managers to sign work orders for completion. ETS instructs each technician in the c;leaning and disinfecting of their tools and any hard surfaces on any equipment they use, such as hard hats. COVID-19 is a serious disease affecting potentially millions of Americans. Enterprise Technology Solutions is doing its part to prevent the spread of this noxious virus. And ETS is taking every reasonable precaution to protect its customers and employees from the spread of COVID-19.