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Cybersecurity and IT Services In Hawaii Since 2011

Welcome to the home of Enterprise Technology Solutions, Hawaii’s locally owned cybersecurity and technology solutions company since 2011. We live for helping people make their technology work securely so they can get their work done. Our quality work and customer service are second to none. 

What We Do

Enterprise Technology Solutions is a cybersecurity and IT services Managed Services Provider based in Aiea, HI. We help businesses protect their physical and electronic assets from would be threat actors across the Internet by helping to establish policies, hardware and software protections. With cyber attacks on the rise, cybersecurity is not something we can take a wait and see approach with, businesses need to take action now. Several executive orders have been issued over the last year in reference to the rising incidents of cyber attacks and with the proliferation of remote workers and Bring Your Own Device policies, the threat surface area has never been larger and more accessible for threat actors to take advantage of. Contact us today to learn more about how you can protect yourself from these types of attacks.

Cybersecurity Services

At the heart of our Cybersecurity managed services begins with a thorough and comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessment. This deep dive into your business assesses both physical and electronic data security. We look at the entire threat landscape, not just run a few scans over a day or two, and produce a report that gives you the information you need to assess your risk and create a mitigation plan that includes:

  1. Physical access to your business 
  2. Social engineering vulnerabilities
  3. Insurance review
  4. Network Assessment
  5. Cyber Security Assessment
  6. Online Services Security Assessment
  7. Policy and Procedure review
  8. Incident Response Plan review
  9. Email Security review
  10. Device Security review

Once our Cyber Security Risk Assessment is completed, you will receive a detailed report showing you where your business is vulnerable and the steps that we recommend that you take to mitigate your risks and create a baseline secure environment. No implementation is 100% secure against threat actors, but by taking these steps, you can make it much more difficult for a threat actor to penetrate your systems and breach your data, bank accounts, customer information, etc. It is no longer safe to think that your business won’t be a victim. It will, at some point, but you can take action now to mitigate your risk.

IT Services

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, company’s need solutions for a remote workforce. A company needs the ability to securely share information in a collaborative environment. Enterprise Technology Solutions provides IT services to businesses of all sizes. ETS helps businesses to set up and operate securely on the Microsoft 365® platform. Companies need to securely share information, collaborate and even video conference and ETS is here to help. Enterprise Technology Solutions is a Dell®, Microsoft® and Sonicwall® partner and can help your business purchase and install hardware or systems, set up secure access, monitor your in-house, remote and online systems. As a result, you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you have taken the steps to protect your business from would be cyber criminals.

How we can help

We take a holistic approach to computer networking, realizing that businesses today need flexibility to operate in an increasingly dangerous online environment. We assess your appetite for risk, perform a cybersecurity risk assessment, help you to analyze the gaps in your security matched with your risk appetite, and help you come up with a plan for mitigation and ongoing cybersecurity. With the average time to discover a security breach, even with security in place, at 214 days, you cannot afford not to take the risks seriously. In 2025, it is estimated that the total cost for cyber attacks will top $10.5 Trillion. That is 1/10th of the world economy, and U.S. businesses are the top target on the list. The average cost of a cyber attack is $2.4 Million. It’s no longer if your business will be attacked, but when. 

Don’t Be The Next Victim

Call today to book your Cyber Security Risk Assessment so you have the information you need to make an informed decision about how you will protect your business and avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber attack.


Our Experience Shows!

Enterprise Technology Solutions clientele spans the gamut from managed service providers with a national reach, to big box retailers, to multi-site-multi-island businesses, to small businesses with 1-2 desktops. ETS sells and services Dell® Servers and Desktops, Sonicwall®, Microsoft 365®, iDrive®/iBackup® and many telecommunications services (VoIP, traditional phone service, T-1, dedicated Internet Circuits, etc.). Enterprise Technology Solutions has over 20 years of experience providing computer and telecom solutions for Hawaii’s businesses and smart hands IT services to managed service providers with a national reach. If you are interested in obtaining a free technology consultation to see how we can help your small or medium business work remotely, or are interested in a partnership to service your retail customers, give us a call today at 808-377-6300.

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