IT Services

Computer Networking

ETS’ computer networking division sells, installs and services enterprise class computer networks for businesses. We handle all aspects of the network from the Infrastructure (Copper and Fiber Cabling, Routing, Switching, Wifi, etc.) to the server level (Windows® Domain Controllers, File and Print Servers, Application Servers, Remote Desktop Servers, etc.) and the workstation environment (Telephones, Desktop Workstations, Productivity Software, etc.). ETS’ highly skilled engineers are extremely adept at setting your business up with Microsoft® Teams® for remote working and offices with staggered hours or hybrid work forces (in office and remote). ETS is a registered partner of Dell®, Sonicwall® and Microsoft®. Enterprise Technology Solutions friendly and helpful engineers can design, install and maintain the network, security and productivity tools to keep your workforce active and engaged.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We sell and service iBackup (server based backup solution) and iDrive (workstation based backup solution) cloud based backup solutions. These solutions are versatile, efficient and cost effective. A backup strategy is important to your business. The company’s data is its single most important asset. Most companies cannot withstand a complete data loss according to multiple research papers published online. iDrive and iBackup ensure that your data is safe and sound. Multiple copies of the data are stored online in secured data centers and should a mishap occur, such as a ransomware attack, your data can be quickly and efficiently restored. Both backup solutions include image and system state backup selections. With an image backup, if your server should crash, and image of the server and software can be restored to new hardware and your downtime minimized. With System State backup, all you need is the hardware and an identical operating system and the system can be brought back to an operational state quickly. This minimizes the amount of downtime suffered by the business.

IT Project Management

Enterprise Technology Solutions offers the following IT Project Management Services:

  • On-site Installation Management
  • Move-in/Move-out
  • Copper and Fiber Cabling
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Island Networks and VPN’s
  • Network Design and Installation

Internet and Telecom Solutions

Enterprise Technology Solutions has an extensive list of partners in the Internet and Telecom space. ETS’ team can provide you with the Internet access you need at unbeatable prices. Our relationships with all of the providers in the state allow us to get you the largest bandwidth for the lowest price. Our knowledge helps you make the best decision based on your needs. ETS can help design, acquisition and installation of telephone systems (Traditional or VoIP) or VoIP services (Hosted PBX).

Whether you are looking for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or traditional phone service or systems, Enterprise Technology Solutions extensive knowledge and contact list will ensure you get the right system for your business at the lowest price. Once the system is installed ETS can service and provide you with support and maintenance.

Tech Support

Enterprise Technology Solutions support offerings are flexible to fit the way you do business. ETS offers on site as well as remote support and systems monitoring by monthly support contract or hourly based on service calls. ETS engineers are able to manage your network from Servers running Active Directory to File Sharing and Remote Access to Virtual Remote Desktops. Enterprise Technology Solutions employs engineers who are available when you need them, so that you can worry about running your business and not your network.

Contact us today at 808-377-6300 or visit the contact page to send us an email today! ETS will schedule to send an engineer for a no obligation, network analysis.